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Savannah, GA

The Love Wedding Honeymoon Credits

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Feel the Love

7,764 miles traveled

We are so loved. Atlanta, Augusta, Columbia, Dallas, Davison, Denvor, Flint, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Raleigh - these are just a few of the many cities repersented at our wedding. We had friends and loved ones travel well over 7,764 miles! Thank you so much for being there to support our marriage. It means a lot to us that you made it.

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We owe a huge THANK YOU to not only those listed below, but additionally to all of our friends and family who helped make our day special!

James Davis
Ray's BBQ
Matthew Thomas
Matt Deal & Allen Bennett
Kelly Boyett
Brides Dress:
Second Shooter:
Marianne Brown
Lynne Leftwich

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